Who Are Represented By The End Time 5 Beasts?

The book of revelation provides clear signs of what Christians can expect when Christ is about to return. The end time 5 beasts is the clearest of these indicators. This will happen as the world creates a new order and a single government. What are these monsters and what do they represent?

Of the five beasts narrated in the story, four will be from the sea while the fifth will emerge from land. Each has a distinct form and represents powers or kingdoms that will rule the earth before the return of Christ. The lion is the first, but it has wings that are later plucked rendering it immobile. The second takes the shape of a bear and has three ribs. The leopard comes third and holds dominion. It is identified by four wings and four heads.

There is a reason why the bible vividly describes the fourth beast. Beyond its strength, it is said to have ten horns. A fourth head can be seen in place of three horns. This beast speaks pompously and is destroyed when Christ appears. It is its dominion that is taken over by the Son of Man.

The fifth beast is distinct from the others though its description is not as vivid. It rises from the earth unlike the other four that come from the sea. This beast is the forehand of the others and commands people to worship the previous one. Anyone who does not worship him faces death. It is responsible for engraving the mark of the beast on all people on their right hand or forehead.

This vision has received numerous interpretations over the years. Some of these interpretations have been misguided and do not come into actualization. Daniel received the revelation after intense prayers. In his words, these beasts represented kings and kingdoms that would dominate the earth before Christ returns. The last to wield power would be the antichrist and would form a single world order.

Since we are living in the end times, Christians need to be aware of what these prophesies mean. The first which took the image of a lion represents England in the current world order. The second is a bear which represents Russia which has the bear as its national symbol. The third is a leopard that symbolizes Germany and its tanks that have been in use for decades.

Something peculiar about the fourth beast is that it combines the first three. This is depicted by continued push for integration with examples being EU and UN. It is worth noting that the leopard will dominate meaning that soon, Germany will reign again. This is the era when the antichrist will take over.

Christians should be worried or concerned about the future. The last days are uncertain as it is not clear what role each of state wielding power at present will represent. As the world seeks to integrate and speak in one voice, the prophesy of a single order is actualized. Only by remaining vigilant can Christians be safe and ready to meet the messiah when he returns.

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