Safety Guidelines That Should Be Taken To Ensure The Safety Of Children Near The Pool

Water can be a child’s best friend. It’s fun, cool to the touch, and children can play in it for hours and never get bored. But it can also be deadly. Horror stories about the consequences of leaving a child unattended at the pool pervade the Internet and the news. Taking the proper safety measures can prevent a tragedy and keep the pool a fun place for all.

Having safety equipment available is important. If an emergency does happen, you never want to be caught unprepared.

Phones near the pool ensure that you can call for help if you need it, and shepherd’s hooks enable you to drag a drowning person out of the water without risking your own safety. These two things are great to have in an emergency.

Investing in a fence around your pool is a wise decision; it protects your pool from unauthorized entry and from your adventure-seeking children. Fences are the first line of defense when it comes to pool safety.

Fences have to be tall enough to discourage climbing. Nothing less than 6 feet should be used, and the fence should be able to be locked. Keep the key in a safe place and no one will be getting in unless you let them.

If someone has inhaled water and isn’t breathing, CPR can eject the water from their lungs and get them breathing again. So if you are a pool owner and have a lot of kids in or around your pool, be responsible and learn CPR. It can turn the worst situation into a good one.

Always be extra wary when you have anyone around your pool who doesn’t know how to swim. Accidents happen, and when people don’t know how to take care of themselves in the water, it falls to others to keep them safe. Being aware of your surroundings can mean a resuscitated friend as opposed to a dead one.

Safety always comes first. Swimming in the pool can be fun, but you should always be aware of what goes on around it. When you leave your pool, lock it up and secure it well. Ensuring the welfare of your friends and family is a must.

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